About me

I worked as a furniture painter for a long time. Most of my work was done for foreign customers.
Many drawings and motifs from my collection have not been realized. I wanted to make these on a smaller surface. It was a very joyful activity to try new things so I got to know a lot of craft techniques.

Of these, egg decoration was my favourite.

I have gathered passionately information about the topic. A unique world of fantastic opportunities appeared in front of me. Every day a new plan was created on paper that was supposed to be executed. I acquired small usable tools, machines and paints for doing egg decoration.

I tried to master as many ornamenting methods as possible. I was looking for such one which I could use the characteristic motifs of my favorite styles with.

First I made painted engraved eggs. This method provided me an opportunity to realize meticulous patterns. While doing so I drew on ideas from the huge treasure of traditional folk motifs and from the patterns of blue painters.

I based with a variety of colors differing from the usual ones that made the work even more interesting. Here I used baroque, rococo and classicist elements and made it unique with antique patterning. 

I found  the drift patterned egg in a sample collection. With great admiration I watched the pierced engraved patterns  and felt I had found a new challenge. The next technique was making lace eggs. New research efforts have been followed by experiments.

I have worked out the most suitable work processes and the first pieces got finished.

It is an incredibly beautiful task to pattern a fragile egg. It requires a lot of attention, accuracy and time. Yet, this is my favorite technique. Almost unimaginably fine details can be worked out with it. Here only patience and time can limit how rich the details of a composition are that getting formed.

I was thinking on: I decorated the pierced lace eggs with flowers. I strive to create my own style. I use restrained pastel colors and decorative elements of antique effect. There are simpler and more complicated floral compositions, but all of them are hand-painted.

There is an egg-making method that is practised only in Hungary worldwide and in the surrounding areas inhabited by Hungarians. This is egg shodding. According to the oral tradition, a long time ago, from the 1800s on, horseshoers tried to prove their professional skills with it. Iron mounting, rims and mostly horseshoes were nailed on the emptied eggs. In the old days, it was a highly respected festive gift. It can be considered to be a rarity today. In collections and at auctions old pieces too can be found. Since I really like antiques and I appreciate folk tradition, I also make shod eggs. I combine old ornaments with floral and leaf patterns used in folk ornamenting. I have tried several techniques and I make shod eggs on the basis of them. I hope that with my modest work I can contribute to the preservation of this Hungarian tradition.

Lévainé Erdősi Tünde
egg decorator
furniture painter

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00 36 70 3682545

9485 Nagycenk
Soproni street 2.


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